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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I cancel my purchase?

1. Is there a time limit in which I can cancel easily from the website or do I need to contact someone? If so, whom do I contact?
2. If I haven’t yet started the course, how do I easily cancel the order?

If there is an issue with billing, such as being charged 2x or a customer purchases the wrong item, how is that resolved?

1. What is the customer’s involvement in getting to a resolution?
2. How quickly can this be corrected?
3. Does this need to involve Academy of Mine? WooCommerce? Stripe, Paypal?
4. Where can the customer look on their account to contest payment or pricing?

If a customer wants to upgrade to a bundle after purchasing a single (or multiple) courses, is there a discount since they already purchased some of the courses?

1. How are they notified of a discount?
2. Is it an automatic process or is a discount code needed for that customer that expires after the customer uses it 1x?